fuck yeah hawkeye + black widow


You know you’re my best friend right?

a mix dedicated to world’s most known brotp and “work marriage” aka natasha romanoff & clint barton

- Why am I doing this? I’m not in on whatever this is.
- Because you want to impress us.
- …Are you impressed?
- No.


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A cute pattern based off the Matt Fraction Hawkeye comics! Featuring the Bullseye, Chevron, and Heart, show your love for Clint Barton and Kate Bishop wherever you go!

Also available as prints, stationary cards, laptop skins, ipad skins/cases. and wall clocks.

Buy them @ society6.com/helterskelterxo

Please do not remove the credits/text as this is currently my only source of income at the moment. Thank you.

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I got on SHIELD’s radar in a bad way. Agent Barton was sent to kill me, he made a different call.

"Would you please stop shooting at me for one damn second and listen?!"  Clint barked out, ducking around a corner as another bullet narrowly missed his face.

"Why the hell should I? You came here to kill me, that doesn’t exactly put you at the top of my christmas card list."

"Yes I came here to kill you.  But I’m making a different call.  Look, Natalia - - Natasha…whatever you’re name is…"  The S.H.I.E.L.D agent inched towards the end of the wall he was hiding behind.  "…can I just call you Nat?"

"No."  came the curt reply from the assassin.

"Look, Nat, you have two options right now.  You can come with me, do something better than killing scumbags for other scumbags."  He waited.  The bullets had stopped flying.

"And if I don’t?"

"One of us leaves this building alive.  And come on, I’m too pretty to die in a shit-hole like this."

Clint might have been hearing things but he was sure he heard a laugh from behind a concrete pillar two feet to his left.

"What’s your name?"

"Barton.  Clint Barton."

"This job better pay well, Barton or I will put a bullet in you one day.”

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Hey guys I’m back!! Slowly recovering wrist:)

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Scarlett wanted to be here. Scarlett is pregnant and sent a little message if you want to see.

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