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we’re so disarming, darling | a mix for a russian red-haired assassin and an archery obsessed fighter. for cognitive re-calibration and the capital of hungary. not a love story, but a repayment of a debt.


Fic: Know Thyself [Clint/Natasha; post Captain America: The Winter Soldier] 


Know Thyself
by Eiluned (brbshittoavenge)

Rating: Mature
Tags: Post- Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Introspection, Loss of Identity, Identity, Self-Acceptance, and a little bit of romance, Vignette
Summary: For someone who could make herself into literally anyone, Natasha really didn’t know who she actually was deep inside.
Notes: Thanks to Jo, Brittany, and Amanda for the beta work and cheerleading. Feedback feeds my soul. ♥

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He found her.

He always found her, and it was a source of both frustration and relief. She could never just disappear because he would root her out, could never be completely alone because he was always a step behind her.

It took her years to realize that she didn’t actually want to be completely alone.

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↳ Strike Team Delta

Can't Stay Here 


NC-17, No Warning Apply

On a night out with their team, Clint and Natasha have to deal with each other.

Part three of Better Than Silence

13/? Avengers Screencaps

13/? Avengers Screencaps

tagged as: #clint x natasha #q

tagged as: #clint x natasha #q


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We know all you pervy shippers out there want to know what Clint and Natasha get up to behind closed doors. This is the blog where you can find out.

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It wasn’t in his closet, and it wasn’t in his gear bag, and Clint couldn’t find his goddamn uniform jacket no matter where he looked.

It wasn’t hanging by the door, but it’s not like he wore it home (“Hidey-ho, neighbors, I’m a superhero secret agent!”) so why would it be there? It wasn’t hanging on the back of a chair in the minuscule kitchen, either. He even checked behind the couch because maybe it slipped back there?

But no. It should be in his gear bag where the rest of his suit lived.

And it wasn’t there.

"Goddammit," he muttered, turning at the sound of the bedroom door creaking open. "Nat, have you seen my–"

Natasha leaned against the door frame, arms crossed over her chest, wearing nothing but that goddamn coat. The corner of her mouth turned up, and she raised a graceful eyebrow at him.

"Looking for something?"

(Will potentially be expanded (heh) at a later date.)