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Just as long as you know that someday I will
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What I love about the The Avengers-end credits
except for the obvious detail porn...
Notice how part of Clint's bow is broken in the first gifs...
I like to think he broke it when jumping through that damn window.
Also note how the focus zooms from his bow to Tony's suit,
indicating this is Avengers-armory we see here.
Now I have that headcanon where Tony insists on repairing Clint's bow.
And Clint is all like, "Tony, I've done this myself for 30-ish years.
I'll be fine."
But Tony brags until Clint finally gives in.
And still uses his own bow whenever Tony isn't looking.


A cute pattern based off the Matt Fraction Hawkeye comics! Featuring the Bullseye, Chevron, and Heart, show your love for Clint Barton and Kate Bishop wherever you go!

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Hawkeye and Black Widow #sdcc #cosplay #hawkeye #blackwidow #marvel


Hawkeye and Black Widow #sdcc #cosplay #hawkeye #blackwidow #marvel

Fic: Know Thyself [Clint/Natasha; post Captain America: The Winter Soldier] 


Know Thyself
by Eiluned (brbshittoavenge)

Rating: Mature
Tags: Post- Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Introspection, Loss of Identity, Identity, Self-Acceptance, and a little bit of romance, Vignette
Summary: For someone who could make herself into literally anyone, Natasha really didn’t know who she actually was deep inside.
Notes: Thanks to Jo, Brittany, and Amanda for the beta work and cheerleading. Feedback feeds my soul. ♥

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He found her.

He always found her, and it was a source of both frustration and relief. She could never just disappear because he would root her out, could never be completely alone because he was always a step behind her.

It took her years to realize that she didn’t actually want to be completely alone.

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i got soul but i’m not a soldier


i got soul but i’m not a soldier


is this love, agent romanoff?

 ⤷ taurielsilvan asked: Clint Barton or Bucky Barnes?