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 fabalafae asked: "I just wanted to say that I just found this blog and I adore it. Clintasha is my OTP, and this blog is just amazing. My shipper heart is massively happy with every single post. You are awesome."

Thank you so much! We appreciate the love.

 timelordghosts asked: "Can you guys recommend some good Clintasha AU's? I can't find any good ones!"

I have to admit that I crowd-sourced some of this from my followers, but we came up with a pretty good list. I hope it helps!

crazy4orcas’ big list o’recs

Ghosts That We Knew

Not Your Typical Saturday


 thefmradio asked: "Do you know of any Clintasha fics that you would recommend where they fight, whether it's sparring or play-fighting or angry... whichever. Thanks :)"

Sorry this took so long to answer, we’ve both been a bit distracted lately. Here are a few to start you off:

Indebted - sablier_bloque
Clint Barton is sent to kill a young girl named Natalia Romanova. He makes a different call.

Intimacy - eiluned
She’s always in control, but maybe she needs to let go.

A Marked Difference - chezamanda
Clint catches a glimpse of something on Natasha’s body that he never expected to see.

Orbit - eiluned
They’re two people who don’t really touch. They’re caught in orbit around each other, always circling, never colliding. Maybe it’s time to nudge that orbit so that they spiral instead of circle.

Followers, if you have any other titles that we can’t think of, please message thefmradio or submit them to us so we can share the goodness with everyone.

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 hidingincorners asked: "I am trying to find this clintasha fanfiction. It is set after Loki's attack on Earth. Clint goes looking for Natasha and is all like "I love you", then she's like "WTF?". Then Clint is like "Don't you remember all our love-making times?" Nat's like "Nope". She is convinced that those memories Clint has were implanted by Loki, so she takes Clint to her private safe house and shenanigans go down. Finally, she realizes that her memories were tampered with and slowly grows to love him again. Help??"

I believe that’s We Were Emergencies by gyzym, which can be found on AO3. :)

 brucencharlie asked: "Alright, I know I found a fic on here sometime this last week, but now I can't find it. It's how the individual members of the team find out that they're married, passports, valentine's day cards, etc. Please help, I've been trying to find it for a while, but I can't do it... :("

Ah-ha!  Found it!  It’s "If Ever Two Were One" by thoughts_to_ink on LJ. :)  And that is a super awesome fic!

 youdidwhatwithaspoon asked: "Hey , awesome blog! I am looking for a fanfiction I read and forggot to bookmark, do you know it? I think it was called the history of showers or something like that and it was about the times that Clint and Nat took showers."

Hmmm, that’s not ringing any bells for us, but perhaps one of our followers knows?

 licoriceplease asked: "Your theme doesn't allow a "next/previous page" option. It also cuts off your "About Me" section. This is making it very hard to navigate."

It sounds like you’re either using a very small screen resolution or you’re using Firefox.  For some reason, the theme code and Firefox don’t get along very well.  We’ll see what we can do to fix it.

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 cupcakesandtv asked: "I think you run a great blog here, with one minor issue. There's a lot of theft of people's gifs being put in new photosets to make things (like the last set you reblogged.) I think it's the worst problem in this fandom and you're basically telling people it's okay by reblogging that stuff. I've already had something stolen and gotten no response from the person and I"m sure you guys know how hard it is to make stuff, so how's about helping out and not reblogging stolen stuff?"

We’re very sorry.  We really had no idea that the gifs were stolen, and if someone does see their stuff here, they simply need to send us a message and we’ll take it down.

We aren’t telling people it’s okay to steal other people’s gifs, and we try to make a point to make sure all the fanart we reblog is from the original artist or contains credit.  But we can’t double check every single post to make sure it’s being posted by the original creator; we both work (and one of us has school on top of that), and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to check everything we find, nevermind that there are multiple people giffing the same videos.  The only way we can know for certain is if someone messages us and lets us know.

So, if anyone sees their gif here and would like it removed, send us a message.  We’ll take it down.

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 fortheloveofparliment asked: "Hey, I'm going on holiday next week, and I just wanted to ask if you knew of any good clintXtasha playlists - I need something to listen to while I'm away XD"

All of the fanmixes we’ve reblogged can be found here!

BUT if any of our followers have any recommendations, drop ‘em in our submission box!

 pygmeegeante-deactivated2012081 asked: "Hiiiiiiiiiiii! That photoset you just posted, do you know which film blonde-Scarlett-with-a-gun-is-from? I need this because of reasons. Ta!"

I believe that’s from The Island. :)

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